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Motorcycle Insurance

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Special equipment, special risks, and special drivers require a special policy. You cannot cover your motorcycle under an automobile policy. If you have an insurance company offering to "bundle" your motorcycle together with your regular automobile policy you must be very careful. Failure to ensure that the portion of the policy that covers your motorcycle meets the requirements of your state could be a very expensive mistake.

There is a special category of automotive insurance required for recreational toys and other types of non-essential transportation vehicles such as boats, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles and other specialty items. Motorcycle insurance is another special category since they are legal to operate on the street and share the road with full-sized vehicles, both moving at high rates of travel. Motorcycles present a higher rate of risk than non-essential recreational type vehicles, both for personal property and physical injury. Most states make specific motorcycle insurance mandatory, but even in states where it is not mandatory it is vital you carry the proper motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle insurance must cover any damage to your motorcycle or by your use of your motorcycle. Even more important is the coverage the motorcycle insurance provides to protect you or people who ride on your motorcycle with you. If you have any questions, ask our insurance experts to help you understand any insurance coverage you are considering. Failure to have the personal and uninsured motorists' liability portion of your special motorcycle policy set at the correct levels could end up costing you a lot of money, including legal fees if you are sued for not having the correct amount of motorcycle insurance.

Riders of motorcycles have needs that are unique because of hazards not found in all other states. It is important to understand that damage and replacement expenses are not the same as for automobiles. The risk of accident claims and physical injury are also much greater for motorcycles and those who own them. All these factors weigh into calculating what the proper amount of coverage is for operators of motorcycle vehicles. You may be able to purchase insurance online by yourself but it is not likely you can figure out the proper amount of coverage without the assistance of an expert in insurance coverage.

Every state has its own unique insurance requirements, laws and regulations. Protect yourself by carrying the correct amounts and types of insurance. Make sure you have both insured and underinsured motorist coverage as well. Make sure that all medical bills and repair costs are fully covered for you and others involved in accidents with you. You should also remember to cover any custom parts and accessories you have purchased for your bike. Special add on accessories are not normally covered in basic motorcycle insurance policies. Make sure you check with your state insurance division, do make sure you know the laws for your state. Be prepared by knowing what your state's insurance requirements are for the vehicles you are going to insure.