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Mobile Home Park Insurance

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Although the tenants who live inside your mobile home park might have their own mobile or manufactured homes, a lot of risks may still be involved in having and managing this park on your own.

If you own or operate a mobile home park, you will therefore be subject to liability for various events that may happen therein. Falls and slips, traffic accidents, dog bites, electrocutions, falling decayed trees, sewer backups into home and carbon monoxide poisonings are just some claims that you might want to get insured for.

With the right mobile home park insurance, you can get the necessary coverage against wind, fire, hail, vandalism, theft and lightning on any property in your park; including park-owned mobile homes, clubhouses, offices, fences, storage buildings, signs, park maintenance equipment and utility poles.

Ideally, you should protect any of your employees that work in the park against physical injuries. Fortunately, workers' compensation can protect you if any of them get hurt while working there. To do this, they basically pay any injured employee's lost wages and medical expenses for you.

The same way that an apartment might provide amenities for residential use, like landscaping, swimming pools, playgrounds or tennis courts; you can get coverage in case any of your park structures get destroyed or damaged. You can include any park-owned personal property into your policy, as well.

Make sure you think about the amount of spaces that you rent for park-owed homes and tenant-owned homes that need coverage. A few other items to consider are the amount and availability of RV sites; the amount of unpaved, partially paved and paved roads; the accessibility of the handicapped on the property; the qualification of the property as a retirement park; the use of sewage and city water; the pet policies; the property location; and the lighting of the public areas.

These are only a few of the factors that you will need to think about when pricing the insurance coverage for your mobile home park. Either way, we will make sure that you are properly covered, including any loss of revenue because of damaged property therein.

We also works alongside ethical and fair insurance companies that are more than willing to provide coverage at the best possible insurance values.

Call us today to find out which policy would suit your needs and operations best.