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Mobile Home Dealer Insurance

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If you are a mobile home dealer in Texas who has already invested a lot of money into your business, then you have to make sure that you are properly insured. After all, you don't want potential expenses of extreme hailstorms, tornados, on-site injuries or consumer claims biting you in the back for all that you've got, do you?

If you want to make your mobile home investment less vulnerable, then it would be vital to protect your business with the right mobile insurance agency - one that understands all of the risks that come with the business. Fortunately, we can provide the coverage that you need to minimize your risk in this industry and protect your business as much as possible in the long run. A dealer policy can cover you in case of hail, wind, flood, fire, explosion, lightning, transportation, civil or riot commotion, or theft.

We only work with ethical and fair insurance companies that are more than willing to provide coverage at the best possible insurance values.

Types of Dealer Insurance Policies

There are various insurance products that exist to keep your mobile home business as safe as possible, as well. These include the following:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
    This auto coverage will basically protect your business and your vehicle against any claims that may come about because of accidents.
  • General Liability
    General liability is vital to keep your business safe in case people experience injuries on your personal property or because of your operations or products.
  • Hired or Non-Owned Auto Liability
    This particular insurance can protect you from any liabilities that may happen because of negligent employees or contractors who have to drive their own vehicles while they work for you. This is only applicable if you do not have any company vehicles available, though.
  • Loss of Income
    If your property ever gets damaged, there is no need to stop earning money to pay the necessary bills. Thanks to this coverage, you will be safe from loss of income if it happens during a restoration period, such as while your business cannot operate because of covered perils, like a fire or a windstorm.
  • Builder's or Open Lot Risk Insurance
    This particular insurance will keep your inventory safe when damaged.
  • Workers Compensation
    This type of insurance will cover salaries and medical costs for you if your employees get hurt while on the job.

No matter what kind of mobile home insurance policy you sign up for in Texas, you can rest assured knowing that you are safe with the different coverages that we have to offer.

Leave the protection of your business to us while you focus on selling mobile homes and growing your business.