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Umbrella Insurance

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An umbrella insurance policy is a typical liability policy that helps in protection of one's assets and income expected in the future as an addition to his other primary policies. The umbrella insurance policy provides protection to insured assets to a wider extent compared to a primary policy hence is the most preferred type of policy. Such a policy will shield you from claims and lawsuits that may come your way. This is possible in a couple of ways.

First and foremost, umbrella insurance provides the named insured with extra coverage of liabilities that can go above the limits of other insurance policies that may cover homes, boats and autos. Such protection as offered by the umbrella insurance begins right after the exhaustion of the liabilities covered by the other policies.

The policy also covers claims that are not covered by other policies. For instance you can additionally get covered for false arrest, slander, libel and an extra liability protection for rental units that belong to you.

Coverage Offered by Umbrella Insurance

With umbrella insurance, you are assured of a policy that will cover injuries, lawsuits, your property and other personal liabilities that may present themselves along the way. You can also expect to be covered by the umbrella policy beyond the limits that are normally associated with the policies above. Situations not covered by other policy types are extensively covered by the umbrella insurance.

Examples of Umbrella Insurance policies include:

Body Injury - This policy covers any damage or injuries that may occur on the body of another person. Compensation and liability may be claimed due to:

  • Injuries that may be caused to others by you in terms of auto accidents.
  • Injuries or any other type of harm that may be experienced by other thanks to any of your pets e.g. dog.
  • Injuries caused by a guest falling in your house due to the design or other catalysts that are your fault.
  • Injuries caused by falling of a neighbor's child within your home or compound.

Property Damage Liability - This policy covers all the damages and loss of the personal property of another person that may have been caused by you. Such a policy covers claims that may include:

  • Damages that may happen to other vehicles and other property due to an auto accident that is your fault.
  • Damages caused by your pets to another person's property
  • Damage that your child may cause to school property

Rental Units Owners - This is a cover that helps in protecting you from any liabilities that may come your way in your position as a landlord. Such claims include:

  • Damages that may be paid to someone who trips while on your property.
  • Damages and injuries that may be caused a tenants dog and you are held responsible.

With an umbrella insurance policy, you are sure to be covered should you be sued for things like slander, libel, false arrest, false detention, false imprisonment, prosecution that is malicious, shock and mental anguish that may be caused by you and many other personal liability instances.